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We deliver Trademark Registration in Patna Bihar Ranchi Jharkhand. Brand Registration, Logo Registration are two other names by which trademark registration is also known as. We provide services like Trademark Registration, Brand Registration, LOGO Registration, Design Registration, Copyright Registration, and Patent Registration in India and outside India.

Trademark Registration consultant is an initiative started with aim to provide complete services related to Trademark, Copyright and Patent.

We provide A-Z services related to protection of your intellectual properties may it be your logo, design, brand name, punchline, product, or any creative work.

We provide following IPR Related services:

  1. Trademark Registration
  2. Brand Registration
  3. Logo Registration
  4. Trademark Objection Consultancy
  5. Trademark Opposition Consultancy
  6. Trademark Renewal
  7. Trademark Cancellation
  8. Trademark Amendment
  9. Trademark Appeal Case Consultancy
  10. Trademark Protection Services
  11. Copyright Registration
  12. Patent Registration
  13. Design Registration

Trademark is a symbol, mark, word, punch line or group of words by which one can distinguish goods or services of one person from that of others. Trademark gives unique identity to goods and services. Often its found that we use logo and our trademark without registering it, and some one starts using it without our permission, in that case, it becomes very hard to take legal steps against them. Thats when we get to know importance of trademark.

In business, getting protection of our intellectual properties is very important, because a business man invests lakhs and crores of rupees in marketing of logo, brand name and product designs, so if someone starts using his or her these trademarks without his or her permission, it can cause serious injury to his or her business.

Thus, Its also advisable to get protection of your trademark, copyright and patent. We at Trademark Registration Consultant has vast experience in protecting Intellectual properties in India and Wordwide. We provide complete services at one place not just Intellectual properties. We have a team of duly qualified company secretaries, chartered accountants, cost accountants, advocates and IT Professionals.

Why to choose us:

  1. You would get complete Services at one place
  2. We have transparent and competitive pricing
  3. You would get dedicated service expert
  4. You would get regular work update

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