Copyright Correction

Copyright Correction means correction in records of Copyrights. Copyright is a right that an author or creator of books or an artistic works get right from the time he writes his book or create his work. Copyright is a right that an author or creator of books or an artistic works get right from the time he writes his book or create his work. He get all rights of his books and works. No body else can copy or use his books or works without his permission. This right of author or creator is known as “Copyright”. Copyright gives author and creator exclusive rights to protect his works from unauthorized usage.

Copyright Correction/Copyright Amendment

When copyright is registered and registration certificate is issued, author can make application for making correction or amendment in details of copyright register.

Who is the first owner of copyright in a work?

Ordinarily the author is the first owner of copyright in a work.

Who is an author?

  • In the case of a literary or dramatic work the author, i.e., the person who creates the work.

  • In the case of a musical work, the composer.

  • In the case of a cinematograph film, the producer.

  • In the case of a sound recording, the producer.

  • In the case of a photograph, the photographer.

  • In the case of a computer generated work, the person who causes the work to be created.


Proces of Copyright Registration

  1. Application for copyright registration is filed along with details of author and works
  2. When application is filled completely, copyright application fee is paid
  3. After payment of fees, acknowledgement receipt is generated
  4. After submission of online form, KYC documents of author along with 2 copies of works and copyright acknowledgement receipt is sent to copyright office.
  5. After scrutiny of application, department issues copyright registration certificate and sent it to author by post.



The general rule is that copyright lasts for 60 years after end life of first author.

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