Trademark Assignment


Trademark is a mark, symbol, punch line, tag line, colour combination of your product or name of your business, through which your customers recognize you and your products. For example, we can differentiate dell laptop and sony laptop, because “Dell” and “Sony” are two different trademarks or brands being used by two different companies.

Registering your trademark or brand is not necessary, but once you get trademark registered with IPINDIA department of Government of India, it provides you evidence of ownership of trademark from some specific date.

Thus, its always advisable for you to take your brands, logo, trade names registered so as to save them from being used by others without your authorization.

In India, works of protection of trademarks are looked after by Intellectual Property Department of government of India. IPINDIA has regional offices at 5 places in India, in New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Process of trademark application is online in India, you can file your trademark application at your own or through specialist like a trademark agent or a trademark attorney.

In Nutshell, trademark registration process in India is as follows:

  1. One files trademark application
  2. Trademark application is checked by the department and if there is no any objection, then
  3. Trademark application is accepted and advertised in trademark journal
  4. If no one files opposition to your trademark, your trademark is registered.

As a whole, from filing trademark application to time its registered (If there is no objection or opposition), it takes about 7-8 months time.

Documents required for trademark application:

  1. Copy of logo, design in soft copy
  2. Copy of pan card and aadhaar card of applicant
  3. Power of attorney (if trademark is filed by agent or attorney)
  4. In case of non-individual applicant-copy of registration certificate and bye-laws of business or firm


After trademark application is filed, but before it is registered, one can file application for rectification of errors, mistake from the application. One can also file application for rectification of application as long as substance of trademark application file previously is not affected.


Trademark may it be your logo, brand name, punch line is your asset and as you can sell, transfer, license your other assets, you can do all these with your trademark also. You can sell/assign your trademark to others, you can license or rent your trademark on rent, or for fee.




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